staff « 久留米ちくご大歌舞伎  市民が演ずる本格歌舞伎(久留米市)





Akishige Kawashima

I am Kawashima, an executive secretary of Kurume-Chikugo-OoKabuki Committee. I will write a blog from the practice area! It will bring the voice of the staffs of Kurume-Chikugo-OoKabuki.

I have been in this office for 15 years. I enjoy my second life here. It’s a totally different job from my former one. However, I met many people through this Kabuki, and the most impressive one was the meeting with Mr. Matagoro Nakamura. Kabuki attracted me a lot because everything I saw and heard was so fresh to me.


Mrs. Eriko Morodomi

Mrs. Eriko Morodomi, who has been playing for 18 years, is also the one who is so attracted by Kabuki. The “genuine” Kabuki, such as instruction by professional Kabuki actors and the costumes, has captured her. The process we build up this performance from scratch is also really fun. Mrs. Morodomi is a vice-chairperson of Kurume-Chikugo-OoKabuki Committee as well.

I hope that Kurume-Chikugo-OoKabuki will continue to run on and to develop year by year.

Executive secretary,

Shinichi Naka