Greeting « 久留米ちくご大歌舞伎  市民が演ずる本格歌舞伎(久留米市)




Chairperson Yasutaka Ishida

Kurume Chikugo OoKabuki, which is played by Kurume citizens, will celebrate the 40th anniversary this year. I show my respect and gratitude to the players and staffs’ passion and effort to keep playing Kabuki every year since 1970.

The instructor, past Matagoro Nakamura’s playing direction and his character had appealed Kurume citizens the attraction and pleasure of Kabuki and moved their hearts. In this way, the Kurume-Chikugo-OoKabuki’s role that revitalizes this traditional performance art is getting bigger and bigger.

Thankfully, Mitsugoro Bando took place for past Nakamura. He had started instructing players. We are excited for his work.

The school children have been performing together for these several years. This is one of our goal that longs for cultivating compassion and kindness. We hope those youngsters will inherit those virtues through the Kabuki play.

We are planning to ask many people from every field of endeavor to perform together. We hope we will have more enriched program for this anniversary. We really appreciate your great support and cooperation.

Please come and enjoy the beauty of Kabuki. We are looking forward to seeing you at the Kabuki theater!

Kurume-Chikugo-OoKabuki Committee

Chairperson Yasutaka Ishida