history « 久留米ちくご大歌舞伎  市民が演ずる本格歌舞伎(久留米市)



Minou mountain ranges, which fills the beauty of the seasons….
Chikugo River, which acrosses the center of the Chikugo plain….
Chikugo plain, which nurtures the favored region….

With these wonderful back ground, the revivalism movement of traditional art and culture ignited the passion for the traditional performance art Kabuki in 1970.

The reason why we chose Kabuki is that Kabuki was born, grown up and loved among the ordinary people. This is the beginning of Kurume-Chikugo-OoKabuki.

1971    The first performance

1973    The 4th performance  -
The title changed  (part of Kurume citizen art festival)
Instructor Mr. Mitsugoro Arashi

1979   The 9th performance
Instructor Mr. Matagoro Nakamura

1986   The 17th performance
Sponcered by the Agency for Cultural Affairs

1989        The 20th performance
The first foreign player – Mr. Paul Mo

1997        The 28th performance
Instructor Mr. Matagoro Nakamura was appointed as a living national treaure.

2000        The 31st performance
The commemorative publication of thirty years of Kabuki was issued.

2004        The 35th performance
Instructor Mr. Matagoro Nakamura delivered a Kabuki prologue.

2007        The 37th performance
15 junior high students played one scene.

2008      The 38th performance
The title changed – Kurume citizens OoKabuki

2009      The 39th performance
Instructor Mr. Mitsugoro Bando

2010     The 40th performance
The title changed – Kurume Chikugo OoKabuki